Well done to all…….”Music for Summer 2012″ Concert a roaring success!

What a fantastic evening! Well done to everyone who took part in the “Music for a Summer’s Evening 2012” Concert. It was a great evening with lots of highlights – including dancing in the aisles with the Scottish Music Group! EVERYONE played their part; your performances, your hard-work and your enthusiasm created a lovely atmosphere and you had the audience in raptures. You have received praise from many, many people – all of it thoroughly deserved.

Also, to those leaving Ellon Academy, thank you for all that you done for music at Ellon Academy and very best wishes for your future.

Haste ye back! ¬†and looking forward to “Music for Christmas 2012″…..

Music site for music teachers

Of course, there are many, many websites and blogs dedicated to music teachers by music teachers. This is not meant to compete with anyone else’s at all. Rather, I’m doing it just for enjoyment and in the desire to do my bit for sharing and collaboration. So, to my colleagues, if you have something you wish to post, please do so; if you want to upload something, please let me know. I know that our work is precious to us, so I am looking into how to make some of our work secure but much of the site will be open for folk to use.

It is my intention, like Linda, to really encourage all my pupils to make use of this site. Both to aid communication and to store documents, audio, video and materials that will help in their music education.

So, here goes; some stuff ‘live’ on here (clearly not anything like comprehensive yet), more to follow – have a browse and give me some feedback.