Instrumental Tuition

Instrumental Tuition – A list of audition times is displayed on the Music Department Noticeboard. Some of you have been recalled for a second meeting with the music instructor; others have been given another audition time as they missed the first one.

Please check the music department noticeboard to see when your audition is to take place. If your name is not listed, please see Mr Birse as soon as possible. All musical instruments will be allocated by Thursday 27 September so it is very important that you see either the music instructor or Mr Birse before then if you wish an audition.

Thank you.

Mr Birse, PT Music

S3 Homework for Friday 21 September 2012

Following the last lesson on what makes Scottish music ‘Scottish’, find some Scottish music on Youtube, LastFm, Spotify or anywhere else that you know. Listen out for elements that imitate Scottish instruments (like the drone of the bagpipe or the strings of a Clarsach). Think how you may copy those ideas into your own composition. For further examples go to the Pupil Zone page and look in your class work section.

We will be continuing the Scottish composition in class on Friday 21 September.

Bulletin item – Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th September

To S1/S2 Pupils

Instrumental Tuition – A list of audition times is displayed on the Music Department Noticeboard for those pupils interested in instrumental tuition. If your name is not on the list and you think it should be, see Mr Birse today. If you wish to be considered for an instrument, you must attend the audition. Instrumental auditions will be held this week, Tuesday 18th to Friday 21st September.

Thank you and good luck with your audition.

Mr Birse

S1 Creative Experience

As a short introduction to Podcasting, here is a movie that all the S1 Creative Experience pupils will watch. The main features of podcasting (speaking, sound effects, visual and music) are included in the movie. The clip was made using GarageBand, then shared as an mp4 and uploaded onto YouTube as a movie (mov) file.


S4 Technology – printed music

All pupils in S4 doing Technology should now have chosen their TWO Technology pieces. Please bring the printed music of both pieces next week for photocopying. You may have done this already but if you have not yet done so, you must bring the music to school on MONDAY 17 SEPTEMBER.

Remember the days of the week!

INT 2 pupils:
Monday is composition / Technology day with Mr Birse
Tuesday P1 is composition / Technology day with Mr Birse unless you are doing PERFORMING with Mrs O’Brien. Tuesday P2 is Listening with Mrs O’Brien

INT 1 pupils:
Monday is Listening with Mrs O’Brien
Tuesday P1 PERFORMING with Mrs O’Brien.
Tuesday P2 composing / Technology with Mr Birse

Please take note of which teacher you have and when you do the various activities in your timetables.


Mr Birse

Senior Concert Band and Orchestra

Senior Concert Band and Orchestra have now both restarted. Senior Band is at 12.30 pm in music room 125 and Orchestra is 2.50 pm till 3.55 pm also in music room 125. Senior Concert Band is for all pupils in S3 to S6 who play woodwind, brass and percussion. All string players should come to orchestra.

Look forward to seeing you all there next week.

Jazz Band restarts……

Jazz Band restarts on Monday 3 September at a prompt 1.20pm in room 126. Looking foward to seeing you all there. The band members this year are:

Soprano Saxophone – Molly Lyall
Alto Saxophone – Sam Gore, Zoe Lane
Tenor Saxophone – Luke Radford
Baritone – Aimee Coutts
Clarinets – Chloe Long, Bebhionn Paterson, Duncan Ritchie
Trumpets – Amy Snell, Sam Snell
Trombone – D. Birse
Piano – Andrew Birse
Keyboard – Kris Rasmussen, Ashleigh Grant, Ewan Cameron (doubles on Drumkit)
Guitar – Adam Simpson, Jack Radford
Double Bass – Stuart Gill
Drumkit – Markus Al-Khalidi, Alasdair Macpherson

Hey, guys, have a listen to this…. really cool bari sax solo at start