Jazz Band restarts……

Jazz Band restarts on Monday 3 September at a prompt 1.20pm in room 126. Looking foward to seeing you all there. The band members this year are:

Soprano Saxophone – Molly Lyall
Alto Saxophone – Sam Gore, Zoe Lane
Tenor Saxophone – Luke Radford
Baritone – Aimee Coutts
Clarinets – Chloe Long, Bebhionn Paterson, Duncan Ritchie
Trumpets – Amy Snell, Sam Snell
Trombone – D. Birse
Piano – Andrew Birse
Keyboard – Kris Rasmussen, Ashleigh Grant, Ewan Cameron (doubles on Drumkit)
Guitar – Adam Simpson, Jack Radford
Double Bass – Stuart Gill
Drumkit – Markus Al-Khalidi, Alasdair Macpherson

Hey, guys, have a listen to this…. really cool bari sax solo at start

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