Music for Christmas 2012

Preview of “Christmas Poster 2012”

Ellon Academy Music Department presents our annual “Music for Christmas 2012” Concert. The concert dates are Tuesday 18 December and Wednesday 19 December at 7.30 pm in the Assembly Hall (Old Building), Ellon Academy.

Tickets are priced at £5 and £3, and can be bought at the Main School Office.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Mr Birse


Remember your homework – you have to spot what is different on the website. No prizes but send me a comment when you see what is different. You can’t miss it really.

Also, on Tuesday 11 December, the Choir are performing at BP Headquarters in Dyce, Aberdeen. Neither Mrs O’Brien or myself will be with the class and you will have a cover teacher.

Please take appropriate music work to do with you at the class. You should take music to perform either by yourself or with someone else; work on a Macbook doing your Technology work; or work on a composition using instruments and/ or a Macbook.

Thank you.
Mr Birse

Week before the Christmas Concert

To all involved in the Christmas Concerts – this is the last week of ‘normal’ rehearsals before the concert. Please make a huge effort to be at Jazz Band, Choir, Orchestra, String Orchestra, Senior Band, Junior Band, Guitar Group, Saxophone Group, Inspiration, String Sextet and Ceilidh Band rehearsals. It really does make a difference when the whole group is there to practice. 

There are still tickets left – but hurry, for they are likely to sell out quite quickly.

Have a good week. 

Mr Birse