S4, S5, S6 – Intermediate 1 & 2, and Higher Music exams

The FINAL performance exams for Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher will soon be here. They are from the middle of February (around the long weekend) to the end of March. You will need to let me know by Monday 28 January what you are playing, who the composers are and how long the pieces last. You also heed to give me a photocopy of all the music you are playing. You will get a form at class on Tuesday 22nd January or you can complete the online registration. This is found on the website at Music Courses/ Assessment (https://birsemusic.wordpress.com/music-courses/194-2/)

So to recap, there are two things you have to do by Monday 28 January…..

  • Complete a form (either paper or online) letting me know what your FINAL performances are.
  • Photocopy the music that you are playing from.

See you in school.

Mr Birse

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