S4, S5 and S6 – Final Performing Exams

Advance notice…….. the Music Performing exams for INT 1, INT 2 and HIGHER will be held on Thursday 14 March and Friday 15 March. A timetable will be produced shortly.

Those doing Music Technology, your Performing exam (which is recorded and sent away), will take place on Monday 11 March and Tuesday 12 March. A timetable will be produced soon.

Please take note of these dates and add them to your diaries/organisers. 

S6 Advanced Higher

Good news! The S6 Advanced Higher performance prelim has been postponed…….. the ‘real’ Int 2 and Higher performance exams are scheduled for those days. I will let you know when the AH performance will take place – likely to either earlier that week or (more likely), the following week. 

S3 – work for the rest of term

As gone over in class today, you have several areas to work on over the next few weeks.

1. S3 profile – update your own Blogs – question 1: What have you learned at music? 2. How will you use this in other areas of the curriculum? 3. What else have you done in music (extra-curricular activities?)

2. Work for the term – you have to download the Plan of Work, add it to your blog and complete the boxes. Performing, Composing/ Technology and the Presentation should be finished by Tuesday 19 March 2013. You may download the files here or Plan of work February 2013 to March 2013.

Thank you.

S5/6 Prelim Performance exams

Please bring photocopies of your music to the prelim exam. I use these for the SQA Final exam too.

Also, it is now very important that you let me know what you are playing for the Final Performance Exam. YOU MUST DO THIS NOW. The form is available here.

Looking forward to hearing your pieces on Thursday/Friday.

Performing Prelim – Advanced Higher

The S6 Advanced Higher Prelim Music Performing exam will take place on Thursday 14 March and Friday 15 March. The prelim will be recorded and kept as evidence in case of an appeal.

Performing Exam – Thursday 14 March (during music class P3)

Amy Snell 5D Cornet AH 10:30

Performing Exam – Friday 15 March (during music class either P3 or P4)

Ashleigh Grant 5B Piano AH 10:30
Jack Radford 5B Guitar AH 10:40
Josh Kenyon 5B Guitar AH 10:50
Ashleigh Grant 5B Violin AH 11:00
Jack Radford 5B Bass Guitar AH 11:10



Prelim Music – Performing Exam

Prelim Music Exam – February 2013

As discussed with you earlier in the term, you have your Prelim Performing exam on either Thursday 14 February or Friday 15 February. The prelim will be recorded and kept as evidence in case of an appeal. The marks for the performing prelim will be added to the Listening element to give an overall award.

Performing Exam – Thursday 14 February (during music class either P3 or P4).

Andrew Birse 5D violin H 10:30
Michael Fraser 5D drumkit H 10:40
Jodee Joyce 5D Voice H 10:50
Alasdair Macpherson 5D Guitar H 11:00
Rachel Morrison 5D violin H 11:10
Jono McDermott 5D Voice INT 2 11:20
Steven Spencer 5D Guitar H 11:30
Andrew Birse 5D piano H 11:40
Michael Fraser 5D Bass Guitar H 11:45
Jodee Joyce 5D Piano H 11:50
Alasdair Macpherson 5D Bass Guitar H 11:55
Rachel Morrison 5D piano H 12:00

Performing Exam – Friday 15 February (during music class either P3 or P4).

Kai Colston 5B Guitar H 10:30
Craig Duncan 5B Guitar INT 2 10:35
Kirsty Fraser 5B Flute H 10:40
Stuart Gill 5B Double Bass H 10:45
Anneka Madgett 5B Voice H 10:50
Emily Willing 5B Voice H 10:55
Yasmin Finely 5B Voice INT 2 11:00
Bobby Gerard 5B Guitar INT 2 11:05
Ricky Shand 5B Keyboard H 11:10
Beth Stevenson 5B Violin H 11:15
Chris Sutherland 5B Keyboard H 11:20
Kai Colston 5B Bass Guitar H 11:25
Craig Duncan 5B Bass Guitar INT 2 11:30
Kirsty Fraser 5B Piano H 11:35
Stuart Gill 5B Fiddle H 11:40
Anneka Madgett 5B Timpani H 11:45
Emily Willing 5B Clarinet H 11:50

Other blog sites……..S3

To all in S3 Music and S3 Technology – There are a couple of your blogs showcased on the Pupil Zone page. Keep improving your own site – remember to add all that you have been doing in music – performing, creating, understanding music and technology. Look up the showcased blogs here.

Music for Health and Wellbeing

Music really does affect our moods…. and how we feel influences what we play and listen to. Click here for some interesting articles, videos and audio examples. Music is a very powerful art form and is utilised to great effect in films.  On the iSonic page, there are several video examples of this, each with great music tracks. Check it out!