“Sound of Music” Rehearsals for week beginning 24th February

Thursday 27th February
lunchtime 12.10pm to 1.10pm – von Trapp Family children (126) Afterschool 3pm to 4pm
Drama Studio – Female Chorus (inc. ALL Nuns) and Male Chorus 125 – All principals (inc. von Trapp family, Maria, Max, Baroness, Rolf)

Friday 28th February
lunchtime 12.10pm to 1.10pm
Principal Nuns – Anna Cameron, Claire Curran, Rebekah Clark, Chloe Milne, Jodee Joyce, Holy Jennings, Kaitlin Robertson, Molly Cowan, Stephanie Davidson, Niamh Martin, Chatel Burnett, Rachel Bolton, Amy Lawrence


Sound of Music Rehearsals

Rehearsals for the week beginning Monday 10 February

Thursday 11 February
lunchtime 12.10 – von Trapp Family and Maria (in 126). Maria continuing into P5 and P6.

Thursday 11 February

3pm – Female Chorus (including all Nuns and female principals) (in 125)
3pm – Maria, Captain von Trapp, von Trapp Family; Max, Baroness Shrieder, Frau Schmit, Rolf, Principals and Male Chorus (Drama studio)

Mr Birse