Useful links


Resources for scoring of Film, Video and Games – looks good!

The History of Film Music


YouTube Upload advice for videos

Music Games music quizzes

Music Resources

Aural Trainer Associated Board aural trainer

GarageBand Resources

Web Storage – Google Drive, Drop Box, CloudOn

Audio Tips

Reverse audio files and clips – Click here for how to reverse audio clips in Garageband

Atmospheric Sound Effects (mp3 and wave)  SoundjayAudio Network, Mood-inspired music, Sound effects

Free VideosPrelinger Archives – download videos for freeMake your own animated videos, Free videos to download

Update letters from SQA (May 2012 letter)

Merge seperate PDF files into one file

Presentation software (alternative to PowerPoint)

Google ads for free

Free Digital Photos

Resources for Royalty Free Music

Text Cloud

Tag Cloud

Listen to Classical music excerpts

Classical music definition

Music Library for printed music. Hundreds of pieces by the Great Masters. Super place to download free printed music.

Internet site for free sheet music downloads, lyrics and much more

Web audio player

Instrumental Teachers in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire David Birse : Piano

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