Advanced Higher Listening Commentary

As part of Advanced Higher, all candidates need to write a Listening Commentary. You need to compare and contrast at least two works. It needs to be around 2000 words including printed music quotes and audio excerpts.

Follow the links below – these four documents should give you a better understanding of what is involved in the Listening Commentary.

1. Bullet points aimed at getting you started.

2. SQA Booklet – this includes the marking scheme which is really useful. Advanced Higher Listening – including Assessor Pro Formas. These Pro Formas are really good – get a ‘tick’ for each of the criteria, then you PASS!

3. SQA examples – Examples of Listening Commentaries 1. Real examples of other pupils’ work – some good, some not so good.

4. Book 2 of SQA examples – Examples of Listening Commentaries 2. More examples of pupil work.


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