S3: National 4/5 June 2015 – Record of Work

Record of Work

S3 – August 2013

August 2013 to June 2014

There will be 2 music teachers working with this class this session – Mr Birse and Miss Belfakih. You will be doing a variety of activities in Performing, Composing, Technology and Understanding Music.

These pages are a record of what you have covered in class. Please follow this page to keep up-to-date with your work.

19 August
Tuesday P3 – explained what we will be doing in Music and Music Technology
Tuesday P4 – Started to an improvised piece based on GGDEG GGBbAG using 12-Bar Blues structure
Friday P5 – Used MacBooks: got pupils logged on, folders set-up, how to use the GarageBand Template, how to use loops and how to record using built-in mic

26 August
Tuesday P3 – Mr Birse: Continued the improvised piece as last week
Tuesday P4 – Miss Belfakih: Started Scottish Music Unit. Looked at Scottish Instruments and began a Pentatonic Composition
Friday P5 – Mr Birse: Started a Podcast based on hobbies

2 September
Tuesday P3 – Mr Birse: Watched YouTube clip of Elvis Presley. Class performed “Blue Suede Shoes” on various instruments. This also follows 12 Bar Blues structure.

Tuesday P4 – Miss Belfakih: Performed a class arrangement of 500 Miles by The Proclaimers. Began talking about the type of Scottish Dances (Waltz, Reel, Jig, Strathspey)
Friday P5 – Mr Birse

9 September
Tuesday P3 – Mr Birse: Rock chord progression G Em C D. Played “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John using keyboard, tuned percussion, guitar, bass guitar and drumkit. We all played by ear.

Tuesday P4 – Miss Belfakih: Continued our Pentatonic Compositions and played these to each other. We looked at the important features in the Scottish dances (for example a Waltz has 3 beats in a bar).
Friday P5 – Mr Birse: Finished our Podcasts and showed them to the rest of the class. Well done!

16 September
Tuesday P3 – Mr Birse: Riffs, Chords and melodies. In Groups of 3 or 4 pupils, you made up your own pieces with a riff, chords and a melody.
Tuesday P4 – Miss Belfakih
Friday P5 – Mr Birse not in school: Pupils worked on GarageBand

23 September
Tuesday P3 – Mr Birse: The ingrediants were cables, MacBook, sticks, keyboards, voices and microphones – using GarageBand and all the ingrediants to make an interesting recording
Tuesday P4 – Miss Belfakih
Friday P5 – Mr Birse


30 September
Tuesday P3 – Mr Birse:
Tuesday P4 – Miss Belfakih
Friday P5 – Mr Birse


August 2014 to May 2015

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