S3 Friday 16 November 2012

What you have to do Period 5 today (16 November 2012)

Mr Birse is likely to be out of school.

They are doing a number of things you could be working on during music.

1. Performing – with your partner. Work on the piece that you started last week. You are working towards making a recording of your performance. Claire and Rachael’s music is on my desk – both Claire’s A3 original and Rachael’s transposed copy.

2. Your Blog Website – if anyone has still to make their “About Me” page, you can do that on a Macbook. Ask Duncan Ritchie to help if you get stuck. He knows the problem re the text disappearing after its published. So publish only once at the end when your page is finished. “About Me” has to contain information about Music, Music Theatre, Dancing, etc in Primary, Secondary, Extra-Curricular and out-of-school. Also, are you intending to follow Music Performing or Music Technology for the rest of the music course.

3. Work on a solo piece as given by their instrumental teacher.

All pupils should be working…. other rooms are available – Practice room 1, Mrs Paton’s and 126 but only 1 group is allowed in each of the rooms. All other pupils have to stay in 125. Please work in a way that is respectful and mindful of others!

Mr Birse