Instrumental tuition and extra-curricular Music

Faculty of Creative Arts – Music

To Parents/Carers and our Instrumental Pupils:

I am writing to you concerning Instrumental Tuition and attendance at extra-curricular music activities at Ellon Academy. There are a number of aspects of music tuition for which we would seek your support.

1.     As your son or daughter receives tuition at Ellon Academy, they have made a large commitment to music.
a.     They must practise their instrument every day, including the weekend.
b.     They must attend instrumental extra-curricular music activities at Ellon Academy.
c.     Be encouraged to attend Music Centre activities.

2.     There are many extra-curricular music activities on offer at Ellon Academy namely:
a.     Jazz Band; Choir; Percussion Ensemble; String Orchestra; Senior Concert Band; Orchestra; Guitar Group; Junior Concert Band; String Quartet; Inspiration; Saxophone Quartet.
b.     The conductor of each ensemble chooses the music to be performed given the varying age and stage of the members

3.     We expect each of our instrumental pupils to be members of an appropriate group or groups. Many pupils belong to three or four ensembles, but mainly our instrumental pupils are in two ensembles. For example, a flautist in both Senior Concert Band and Orchestra; a violinist in String Ensemble and Orchestra.

4.     We feel that attendance at extra-curricular music activities is vitally important. Skills and technique gained at lessons can be augmented and put in context during ensemble work; the musical skills of listening and playing with others are developed; there are benefits of working with others; and through concerts, a platform is given to reward the hard-work, dedication and talents of our young people.

If you wish to discuss any matter regarding extra-curricular activities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at the Academy.

Thank you.



Music for Spring – DVD ready to collect……

The “Music for Spring 2013” Concert DVDs are now ready to collect from Mr Birse. However, if you would like your own copy, It is not too late to order one. Please see Mr Birse and we can get one made for you. Costs £2.00 – small price to pay for all those musical memories! 

Senior Concert Band and Orchestra……

Printed Music – please return all the music you played at the Christmas concert. Just the Christmas music as we may play the other material later. So on Wednesday 16 January take your folder to Band and Orchestra, and give me back the music. As you know, it is very expensive to buy music and it is important that I get it all back.

Mr Birse

Week before the Christmas Concert

To all involved in the Christmas Concerts – this is the last week of ‘normal’ rehearsals before the concert. Please make a huge effort to be at Jazz Band, Choir, Orchestra, String Orchestra, Senior Band, Junior Band, Guitar Group, Saxophone Group, Inspiration, String Sextet and Ceilidh Band rehearsals. It really does make a difference when the whole group is there to practice. 

There are still tickets left – but hurry, for they are likely to sell out quite quickly.

Have a good week. 

Mr Birse

Orchestra – Wednesday 14 November 2012

Unfortunately, due to the S3 Parents’ Evening, there will be NO ORCHESTRA rehearsal on Wednesday 14 November. However, orchestra will restart on Wednesday 21 November. A full attendance of is expected from then until the Christmas Concert. Whilst acknowledging that there are S4 prelims, it is very important that everyone attends the rehearsals from now till the Concerts. There are only 4 weeks left till the Concert evenings.

Look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday 21 November – remember to buy your tickets. They are on sale now in the Main School Office.

Mr Birse

Music for Christmas 2012

Tickets for Music for Christmas are now on sale in the School Office. The concerts are on the evenings of Tuesday 18 December and Wednesday 19 December, starting at 7.30 pm in the Assembly Hall (Old Building). All Music Department musical ensembles and choirs perform at the concert – and it is a 2-night commitment, so you must be there both nights.

Participants wear school uniform (white collared shirt, black trousers/ skirt, black shoes) and a Red Band Tie and/or a Green Choir tie. Ties are available from Mr Birse.

Tickets cost £5.00 Adults and £3.00 Concession.

RSNO – Royal Scottish National Orchestra

The Royal Scottish National Orchestra (RSNO) have put some very useful information online. There are information sheets on the composers and their music that they will be performing during their Autumn concerts.

Check out for details. This site should be especially useful for pupils attending the RSNO concert in Dundee on 31st October 2012.