Music for Spring – DVD ready to collect……

The “Music for Spring 2013” Concert DVDs are now ready to collect from Mr Birse. However, if you would like your own copy, It is not too late to order one. Please see Mr Birse and we can get one made for you. Costs £2.00 – small price to pay for all those musical memories! 

Effects of a school-based instrumental music programme on primary school children

What every parent, teacher, pupil and educator should know……….

Music aids memory, haven’t you heard?

A German study has found that young children who took instrumental music lessons did better than their peers on verbal memory tests.

An 18-month study, led by Ingo Roden of Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg, has confirmed research conducted in Canada and Hong Kong that training in a musical instrument improves children’s speech and language processing.

Writing in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, the German researchers report that no similar effect to that of music training was found for children taking an enriched academic curriculum.

The study featured seven- and eight-year-old children (37 boys and 36 girls) recruited from seven primary schools scattered around Germany. Twenty-five received special music training above and beyond the basic school curriculum.

They participated in weekly 45-minute lessons where they played the instrument of their choice – guitar, violin, cello, flute, trumpet,

clarinet or drums – and received tuition, with no more than five in a group. They also practised at home.

Another 25 children,

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Senior Concert Band and Orchestra……

Printed Music – please return all the music you played at the Christmas concert. Just the Christmas music as we may play the other material later. So on Wednesday 16 January take your folder to Band and Orchestra, and give me back the music. As you know, it is very expensive to buy music and it is important that I get it all back.

Mr Birse

Jazz Band restarts……

Jazz Band restarts on Monday 3 September at a prompt 1.20pm in room 126. Looking foward to seeing you all there. The band members this year are:

Soprano Saxophone – Molly Lyall
Alto Saxophone – Sam Gore, Zoe Lane
Tenor Saxophone – Luke Radford
Baritone – Aimee Coutts
Clarinets – Chloe Long, Bebhionn Paterson, Duncan Ritchie
Trumpets – Amy Snell, Sam Snell
Trombone – D. Birse
Piano – Andrew Birse
Keyboard – Kris Rasmussen, Ashleigh Grant, Ewan Cameron (doubles on Drumkit)
Guitar – Adam Simpson, Jack Radford
Double Bass – Stuart Gill
Drumkit – Markus Al-Khalidi, Alasdair Macpherson

Hey, guys, have a listen to this…. really cool bari sax solo at start

Senior Concert Band and Orchestra restart after the Summer Holidays

Music Activities restarting after the summer holidays…….

Senior Concert Band restarts on Wednesday 29 August at 12.30 pm in Music room 125. All Brass, Woodwind and Percussion players from S3 up to S6 should attend.

Orchestra restarts on Wednesday 29 August at 2.50 pm till 3.55 pm in Music room 125. All strings players and nominated Brass, Woodwind and Percussion players should attend.

Please remember that Ellon Academy music activities are for ALL Ellon Academy pupils. Yes, those getting school Instrumental lessons have to attend. However, anyone learning to play an instrument outside school or who can play an instrument without currently getting lessons are very welcome to attend. For further details, please see Mr Birse as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Mr Birse

Well done to all…….”Music for Summer 2012″ Concert a roaring success!

What a fantastic evening! Well done to everyone who took part in the “Music for a Summer’s Evening 2012” Concert. It was a great evening with lots of highlights – including dancing in the aisles with the Scottish Music Group! EVERYONE played their part; your performances, your hard-work and your enthusiasm created a lovely atmosphere and you had the audience in raptures. You have received praise from many, many people – all of it thoroughly deserved.

Also, to those leaving Ellon Academy, thank you for all that you done for music at Ellon Academy and very best wishes for your future.

Haste ye back!  and looking forward to “Music for Christmas 2012″…..