Technology is an important part of music in schools. We use technology for many different parts of the music course.

  • Performing – the production of printed music. Sibelius software is available on the musc department’s Macbooks.
  • Composing – getting your ideas recorded. Garageband on Mac is the way to go!
  • Technology – recording live music. Garageband is one of many ways this can be done. Make your own ringtone, add music to a film clip, add music to a photo album – the list is endless!
  • Listening – audio files (inc. mp3), internet, ipod

Musicians are making an increasing use of technology within their craft – and there are opportunities aplenty for those with the skills that being a 21st Century musician demands.

Teaching Resource – in school use Sounds Active to help you with your recording skills and techniques. Sounds Active is available on Music Department Macbooks.

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