S4/5/6 SQA Nationals: Lesson ideas for Understanding Music

Composition Techniques – there are many ways to start a composition. Find some chords; use a particular scale; think of an interval (2nd, 7th or whatever), make a melody and keep coming back to that interval; think of a combination of instruments.

Task – come up with a melody that has a recurring interval; add chords and maybe a bass part (or another ‘voice’).

The music of the Medieval Period. Some of the types of music and concepts of the era are Plainsong, Organum, Ars Nova, Virelai, stanza, monophonic and polyphonic. Read and listen to the links on the Medieval page.

Worked on melodies with a recurring interval. Discussed contrast in terms of key – MAJOR and MINOR. Introduced the concept of sections in compositions. Discussed BINARY (A B ) form.  Pupils now working on developing their theme – adding chords; thinking of a 2nd section to contrast their first one.

The music of the Renaissance Period. Some of the types of music and concepts of the era are Mass, Motet, Madrigal, the rise of Instrumental music, Lute Song, Pavan and Galliard. Read and listen to the links on the Renaissance page.

The music of the Baroque period. Although the music of Bach and Handel is important, there is so much more to the music of Baroque. And some of the forms are fascinating – how about this for a Fugue! Revise Baroque information on the Baroque page.

Spend time comparing a Mozart Sonata (movement 1) to Fugue no. 5 (Book 1) by J.S. Bach.  Further information on the Classical page.

Analysed Sonata no. 6 in F major by Beethoven. Further information on the Classical page.

Information on the Romantic Page

Listening Test – identify the eras (or composers), types of music, from the periods studied this term.

Introduction to Opera

Music and Wellbeing – Personal Health – listening excerise

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