Music for Health and Wellbeing

Music for Health and Wellbeing

Music affects our thoughts, feelings and behaviours

There is no doubt that music influences how we feel but it is also true that how we feel influences what we listen to or perform. There are many aspects to music and our wellbeing and the following are just snap shots of this very interesting topic.

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Musicians’ Health and Wellbeing (excerpt from the Royal College of Music, London)

The Royal College of Music aims to ensure that musicians at the RCM are supporte

d in taking appropriate steps to protect their health and prevent performance-related injuries.

This website provides a resource for those who wish to learn more about College-based .support services and study opportunities in health and wellbeing, as well as publications and practical guidance available more widely in the profession.

For further information, navigate via the links in the right-hand menu or email

(Music colleges, conservatoires and universities now offer training in Alexander technique and other relaxation methods.)

Music and Relaxation

There are many Interesting articles to read available via a google search including Music and Stress Management.

Hip Hop

Music and how it makes you feel

There are so many aspects to this and beyond the scope of this exercise. However, just for your own interest, do these short excerpts, think about how music is making you feel and complete the rating sheet as you listen.

You will need to download the video, audio and Rating Sheet before you start.

Excerpt 1: Listen to this video and describe how the music is making you feel.
(Download the Rating Sheet here)

Excerpt 2: Listen to this piece of music and describe how the music is making you feel.
(Download Rating Sheet here)

Having written your ratings for both pieces, think about your responses. Does one piece ‘say’ more to you than the other? What specifically in musical terms made you feel the way you did? Can you conjure up appropriate feelings when you perform? How far ‘inside’ the music do you need to go to give a meaningful performance?

These, plus a whole lot more,  are all issues that affect music performance and your role in that.


Looking for music to reflect your mood? Click here for ideas……….

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