Class names for session 2012-2013

Just got to thinking that some of you may be a bit confused by the class names for S3 to S6. So here goes – a bit of an explanation. It will make it easier for you to find details of your class work in the Pupil Zone if you remember the class that you are in!

The S3 class is called “National 4/5 2014”; S4 is called “INT 1/2 2013”; S5/6 Higher is called “Higher 2013” and S6 Advanced Higher is called “Advanced Higher 2013”. These names reflect the SQA courses that those year groups will be doing and the year is the year that they will be sitting the exam. Hope this is clear but here is a recap:

National 4/5 2014 = S3 music class
INT 1/2 2013 = those sitting Intermediate 1 or 2 in May 2013 (S4, S5 and S6)
Higher 2013 = those sitting Higher in May 2013 (S5 and S6)
Advanced Higher 2013 = those sitting Advanced Higher in May 2013 (S6)

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