S3 Thinking Caps on!

Put on your thinking caps! We need to think round how to keep records of what you do in music class. In the past, that has been just keeping a diary or paper profile. However, in this modern age, we should be able to do this in a better way.

How about a website or blog? Somewhere you can store mp3 files or images; somewhere we you can create a diary with screenshots of your GarageBand tracks and pieces. Maybe you need to keep note of what compositions you have done or audio files of your performance instrument.

So come on, let’s have all your ideas…….

Click the “leave a reply” button and send me your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “S3 Thinking Caps on!

  1. I think we could do a Vlog or a Blog. We could make our own WordPress or weebly too but a blog is probably the best bet.

    • Hi Steven, Thanks for the ideas. I had never heard of a Vlog so googled it. Like you, think that a Blog is probably best. We can try out which is best for our needs. Thanks for replying.

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