Just heard of a new app for WordPress (and other blogs). It is called Cloudup. This app streams your video, photos, music or any file to your Blog. If it works in school, this could be really good for keeping records for pupils. Just screen shot your work, drag the music file or video and there is your assessment captured and stored. Let’s see if it is that easy in school.

Big day tomorrow!

S5 and S6 – Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher

To all doing Intermediate 2, Higher or Advanced Higher – whether you are doing Music with Technology or Music with Performing, your PERFORMANCE pieces must be approved. Please bring your music and / or your suggestions to music class this week (Monday 23 September) to discuss.

These must be approved before the OCTOBER holidays.



S4 N4/5 – where and when

After our chat the other day about activities, I thought I would write a post just to clarify. So here goes…..

P1 Technology in Hut 4A with Miss Belfakih to do Technology Concetps / Performing in 125 with Mr Birse to do Composing
P2 Technology in 125 with Mr Birse to do Technology tasks / Performing in Hut 6 (or 101) with Miss Belfakih to do Understanding Music (Concepts and Listening)

P3 Technology in 125 with Mr Birse to do Technology tasks / Performing in Hut 4A with Miss Belfakih to do Understanding Music (Concepts and Listening)

Please put this information into your Planners.


S1/S2 – Instrumental Tuition

S1/S2 – Instrumental Tuition

Audition times for Instrument Tuition will be on display in the Music Department from lunchtime today (Monday 16 September). Please check your name is on the list. Any problems, see Mr Birse as soon as possible.

If you are interested in playing an instrument but did not get to the meeting last week, please collect a letter from Mr Birse in room 125. Time is running out – you must get a letter TODAY.

Thank you.

Instrumental tuition and extra-curricular Music

Faculty of Creative Arts – Music

To Parents/Carers and our Instrumental Pupils:

I am writing to you concerning Instrumental Tuition and attendance at extra-curricular music activities at Ellon Academy. There are a number of aspects of music tuition for which we would seek your support.

1.     As your son or daughter receives tuition at Ellon Academy, they have made a large commitment to music.
a.     They must practise their instrument every day, including the weekend.
b.     They must attend instrumental extra-curricular music activities at Ellon Academy.
c.     Be encouraged to attend Music Centre activities.

2.     There are many extra-curricular music activities on offer at Ellon Academy namely:
a.     Jazz Band; Choir; Percussion Ensemble; String Orchestra; Senior Concert Band; Orchestra; Guitar Group; Junior Concert Band; String Quartet; Inspiration; Saxophone Quartet.
b.     The conductor of each ensemble chooses the music to be performed given the varying age and stage of the members

3.     We expect each of our instrumental pupils to be members of an appropriate group or groups. Many pupils belong to three or four ensembles, but mainly our instrumental pupils are in two ensembles. For example, a flautist in both Senior Concert Band and Orchestra; a violinist in String Ensemble and Orchestra.

4.     We feel that attendance at extra-curricular music activities is vitally important. Skills and technique gained at lessons can be augmented and put in context during ensemble work; the musical skills of listening and playing with others are developed; there are benefits of working with others; and through concerts, a platform is given to reward the hard-work, dedication and talents of our young people.

If you wish to discuss any matter regarding extra-curricular activities, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at the Academy.

Thank you.


S5/6 Assessment for levels

S5/6 – Intermediate 2, Higher and Advanced Higher

I will be seeing you during the week to establish which level you will be sitting at Intermediate 2 or Higher. Also all pupils at all levels (INT 2, Higher and Advanced Higher) need to confirm with me which course(s) they will be doing.

There will be various short assessment done during the rest of September.

  • Technology pupils will have to let me know by the end of September which two contrasting pieces of music they wish to record for the Technology folio.
  • Performers will have to play a short section from one of their performing pieces.
  • In composing, all pupils should be working within a structure for their composition piece.

I will be talking to 5B and 5D during Monday 16 September.

See you then.

Instrumental Tuition – do you want to play an instrument?

S1/S2 Pupils

Interested in learning to play a musical instrument? If you are, you must come to a meeting on Tuesday 10 September at 1.20pm in the Drama Studio. All pupils who wish to play an instrument should attend as important information will be handed out. There are always lots of pupils interested in Instrumental tuition, so get to the meeting on Tuesday to find out more and tell us which instrument you are interested in.
Thank you.
Music Department

New Session upon us!

Hi to all…. this post is a bit belated as we have all been back to school for 2 weeks now. And we are all back in the swing of things – well almost! Jazz Band, Senior Concert Band and Orchestra start this week (Monday 2 September onwards – all the groups at their usual times and venues).

If you are new to Ellon Academy, you are more than welcome to join any of our groups. We have a huge selection from instrumental ensembles, orchestras and choirs. Get involved!